Sunday, September 25, 2011

Promotion, promotion, promotion...

I know, I haven't blogged at all lately...I seem to spend too much time on Facebook,  or learning to Tweet, or trying to create professional looking bookmarks (a 4-year-old could do better!), or searching out marketing opportunities that are geared for writers.

I've always considered myself to be computer savvy. Lately, I think I'm behind the eight ball...A LOT. Am I the only one feeling technically challenged when it comes to marketing a future bestseller? (Okay, I admit it...I dream big!)

Thank God for my writing pals! Yes, you know who you are. I hosted a writer's retreat at my little writing cabin in the woods in August. I try to do this every year; not only for the camaraderie of kindred spirits, but because this is where I learn who's doing what to promote their books. To be honest, most of the time I think my colleagues speak a foreign language as they discuss agents, publicists, promos, Twitter feeds, links to sites such as Kindlegraph, book reviewers, promotional and 'guest host' loops, setting up blog tours, creating book trailers, attending networking workshops, tracking sales, how to write newsletters, accounting procedures, series spreadsheets, etc.

I attended Anne Hope's book signing at Chapters yesterday (Anne Besides her formidable talent as an author, Anne's a great role model for the uninitiated... makes book signings look easy, which they're definitely not. I encouraged her to have a workshop on book signings: presentation and design...she does it flawlessly...and I really, really need to attend. (I loved those little chocolates, Anne!)

I'm currently awaiting the release date for Dark Abandon, and already have tremors chilling my spine. Excitement, yes, but let's face it...I'm gonna have to pull out all the stops and get this book OUT THERE! Otherwise, who's gonna read it? (A huge sigh of's an e-book...I don't have to worry about book signings yet.)

My publisher, The Wild Rose Press, has provided me with a 'Release Checklist'; a what to do guide for 'Beforehand' and 'At Release' of the book. Easy, yes? So, why does it feel like rocket science to me?

Please, people, send up those positive vibes and wish me luck!

I wonder, when will I have time to write the next bestseller?


  1. Good luck! No doubt in my mind that you'll do a fantastic job of it!

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Coreene!