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Fist pump in the air! DEADLY ABANDON is coming from the Wild Rose Press on August 31st!

Have you watched the book trailer?

I guest blogged on Hannah Howell's site...

Thanks so much, Hannah, for inviting me to guest blog and share a glimpse of Dark Abandon with your friends.
The creation of my heroine, Melena Salera, evolved from this writer’s golden rule—Write What You Know. It’s my favorite recipe; start with a grain of truth and whip it into romantic suspense fantasy.
First, the grain of truth: I was an adopted child and knew about it from a very young age. As embarrassing as this is to admit, as a young teenager I would sometimes blame my adopted parents for grounding me (which I richly deserved), and would hole up in my room feeling unfairly treated. I refer to this as my princess phase. I would launch myself into consoling daydreams where I believed my real parents would never have treated me in such a way. And they would never have expected me to keep my room clean, wash the dishes, or bring boys home for my dad to evil-eye. But, what if I was wrong about them? What if they weren’t the wonderful family I imagined them to be?
Enter the fantasy: What happens to a woman who is adopted, yet has no idea about her adoption or her true lineage? How does she cope when accusers believe she has murdered her biological grandmother for a multi-million-dollar inheritance she knows nothing about? Who does she turn to when killers are hot on her trail, and she has no idea who wants her dead?
There is only one man she can trust. Her grandmother’s lawyer, the Special Ops-reserve unit-warrior, Theo Sauvage, who lives for the day he can drop kick her to prison for killing her grandmother.
Welcome to Melena’s nightmare—and let the games begin. 

Happy reading everyone! Kallie

An interview with the hero from Dark Abandon...

This blog also appeared first on Just Romantic Suspense...

There are seven shadow soldiers currently in their Spec Ops reserve unit—Theo, Sullivan, Hawke, Micah, Law, Rocket, and Hunter. I interview Theo Sauvage here, the soldier showcased in Dark Abandon.

Theo is the number one sniper on the team. Formerly JTF2, he finished his tour, and now practices law. He’s on board with the reserve unit when situations demand it, amps up the violence when needed, and at times wishes there was some other way.

We meet for this interview at the boat landing on Silver Lake. It’s mid July, a sunny and clear morning. Theo shoulders his go bag after berthing the Bayliner. Hustles Melena to her Firebird and turns in my direction. He’s six-four with cafĂ©-noire eyes, angular features and a killer smile when he lets it loose.  Two hundred forty pounds of muscle, sinew and grit. Today he’s dressed for the road; shitkickers, black cargo pants, and T-shirt. His sable hair is combed straight back and on the longish side. He rakes a hand through it, shoves on his Oakleys, and checks the time on his watch. He moves toward me.

Theo: Sorry, Kallie. Something’s come up. Five minutes, and I’m gone.

Kallie: How’s Mel?

He glances in Melena’s direction.

Theo: She’s fine, all things considered. You know what happened.

Kallie:  Yes, and it’s got to be tough.

Theo: Yeah, well, she’s tough. And she’s got me.

Kallie: You love her?

I can see he’s uncomfortable with the question when he gives me the stare down, but I wait him out.

Theo: She’s my life. Next question?

Kallie: Are you taking off to avoid this interview? It wouldn’t be the first time.

Theo: No. We’re headed for a ranch in Ontario. Rocket’s got a problem brewing.

Kallie: What’s happening?

Theo: If I tell you, you’ll only write about it and make it worse. All I’ll say is some trouble from Rocket’s past is in the mix.

Kallie: Sounds ominous. And Melena’s going with you? Isn’t that dangerous?

Theo: Anyone tries to hurt Mel, he’ll answer to me. She goes where I go from now on, unless I’m wheels up.

Kallie: I guess it makes sense, at least until things settle down a bit. How are Sullivan and Breeana? Are her injuries healing well after the serial killer incident?

Theo: Sully’s pissed at you, Kallie, that’s for sure. Bree’s recovering nicely, same as Melena. But my bro and I are sick to death of assholes targeting women in your books. Psychopaths, sociopaths, mobsters, what’s next? We’re all exhausted, and I’d like to get back to being a lawyer once in a while. When will it end?

Kallie: It won’t stop, Theo, not as long as I write romantic suspense about the shadow soldiers.

He leans into me, wraps an arm around my shoulders. He smells of the forest, clean and fresh.

Theo: You know Sully’s the detective lieutenant of Homicide in Montreal. And he says you have a criminal mind, and that’s why you’re so obsessed with plotting these novels. The rest of the team agrees. Why not take up tai chi instead? We worry about you, babe.

Kallie: Don’t you mean you’re taking too many hits and can’t hack the aches and pains?

Theo: Now that’s cutting deep. Jeez, look at the time? Interview’s over.

Kallie: It’s nice seeing you again, Theo.

Theo: Same goes. Stay safe, Kallie, but find yourself a new profession before you get somebody seriously hurt.

Happy reading everyone! Kallie

Reading leads to writing...

This blog first appeared at Just Romantic Suspense. I thought I'd share it here with you...

When I was eight, Nancy Drew and I hid under my blankets with a flashlight so Mom and Dad wouldn’t clue in. Reading at midnight was frowned upon in our family, maybe because I couldn’t get up for school the next day, or because I used too many batteries.
By the age of ten, I’d moved on to raiding my big brother’s stash of slasher, gangsta, and soldier novels. I craved action and adventure. There seemed to be sex involved in bro’s books, at least the ones hidden under his mattress, but I didn’t really understand those parts yet.
At thirteen, my girlfriends and I discovered romance novels, and life was great. We’d take our paperbacks to the school library and cover them with brown paper. The librarian didn’t mind—she read romance, too—we’d see her reading out on the lawn during lunch. After school, my brothers and I did homework at the dining room table under Mom’s eagle eye.  And I’d read romance. Yep, I’d do it right under her nose. Of course, Mom clued in when I had to retake Latin in summer school. I also got my first kiss and paw that year—Blechh!—and I wished teenage boys read romance novels.
While my tastes in reading material have expanded over the years, one thing has never changed: my love of romantic suspense. Mary Higgins Clark was an early icon for me. I knew I wanted to write after reading her mysteries. Later, Lisa Jackson, Nora Roberts, Suzanne Brockmann, and Cindy Gerard got my feet moving to creative writing classes. I had to do this! Weave romance and action, add a contemporary flavour, and pit strong-minded gals against their polar opposites...Alpha males who insist on protecting “the little woman” at all costs.
And so, the Shadow Soldier series was born. These Special Ops guys have finished their tours of duty, but are still bound to each other by their reserve Spec Ops unit. They moved back into society as a lawyer, homicide cop, RCMP special agent, Search and Rescue, and the list goes on. They avoid romantic entanglements that last longer than a few hours, but have a code of loyalty and honour that just won’t quit. All they really need is the love of the right women to straighten them out. Of course, there is always danger to the women they meet. Jeopardy throws them together whether they like it or not. Hard hitting action and complex relationships are what my books are all about.
I hope you enjoy reading Dark Abandon as much as I loved writing it. This is the first book in the series, and I’m busy writing more. I’m hoping for a 2012 release date for Deadly Abandon as well.
A special thanks to the many accomplished authors who have provided me with hours of reading pleasure, and the desire to fulfill my own dreams as a writer. When I’m not writing, you’ll find me curled up by the fireplace or down on the dock with a great book.
Tune in tomorrow for an interview with Theo Sauvage, the hero of Dark Abandon.

Happy reading everyone! Kallie