Sunday, August 26, 2012

I guest blogged on Hannah Howell's site...

Thanks so much, Hannah, for inviting me to guest blog and share a glimpse of Dark Abandon with your friends.
The creation of my heroine, Melena Salera, evolved from this writer’s golden rule—Write What You Know. It’s my favorite recipe; start with a grain of truth and whip it into romantic suspense fantasy.
First, the grain of truth: I was an adopted child and knew about it from a very young age. As embarrassing as this is to admit, as a young teenager I would sometimes blame my adopted parents for grounding me (which I richly deserved), and would hole up in my room feeling unfairly treated. I refer to this as my princess phase. I would launch myself into consoling daydreams where I believed my real parents would never have treated me in such a way. And they would never have expected me to keep my room clean, wash the dishes, or bring boys home for my dad to evil-eye. But, what if I was wrong about them? What if they weren’t the wonderful family I imagined them to be?
Enter the fantasy: What happens to a woman who is adopted, yet has no idea about her adoption or her true lineage? How does she cope when accusers believe she has murdered her biological grandmother for a multi-million-dollar inheritance she knows nothing about? Who does she turn to when killers are hot on her trail, and she has no idea who wants her dead?
There is only one man she can trust. Her grandmother’s lawyer, the Special Ops-reserve unit-warrior, Theo Sauvage, who lives for the day he can drop kick her to prison for killing her grandmother.
Welcome to Melena’s nightmare—and let the games begin. 

Happy reading everyone! Kallie

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